Here at Birding Ecosse we like to keep things simple.

Pets/Animals: Sadly we are not insured for and cannot carry any pets or animals on any of our tours.

Cancellation policy:

Day trips: If you cannot make a day trip then just call us and cancel, no payment required.

Midweek and Weekend Tours: If cancelled within one month of tour start date then 50% of total tour cost will be payable by bank transfer (BACs) at time of cancellation.  If cancelled outside one month then no payment is required.

Deposits and Gift vouchers:

Gift vouchers are valid for one calendar year, this “valid to” date will be printed on your Gift Voucher.

If you have received a Gift Voucher that you cannot use it in that one year timeframe then the cost of that Voucher will be refunded to you in full.

Deposits; Any deposits made and then cannot be used will be refunded in full (in accordance to cancellation policy above)


If we cancel your tour:

Day Trips: We will try and reschedule your day plus give a 10% discount on that trip. If any monies had been paid and we cannot reschedule your trip then you will receive a full refund.

If we cancel your midweek/weekend tour we will return any monies paid in full plus £50 per person compensation.